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We Have Brought
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Our Services :

    Stylish Men’s Haircuts & Shaving Services

    In a time not too long ago, men went to the barber to relax
    while a skilled barber cut their hair and shaved their faces. At Park’s Barber Shop , we’re bringing those old days back
    with men’s haircuts, shaving services, and hair products.

    As a locally owned business, we care about you and what you’re looking for in the experience. You’ll enjoy a big screen TV, coffee, magazines, and newspapers while you wait, and be served by a skilled barber and stylist who can provide any haircut you like, from old-school to modern styles.

    Classic Haircut - $18.00

    Our basic service includes a haircut, shampoo and Hot Lather Neck Shave.
    No matter what style you’re looking for, you won’t find a better, more relaxing deal in the area.

    Shave -$39.00

    Our traditional shaving services start with pre-shaving oil, softening the skin. Next, we apply a hot towel and then a hot lather.
    Three-blade safety razor is used to give you a shave, leaving behind only smooth skin that looks great.
    This is pampering a hard worker like you deserves.

    Men’s Hair Products

    We sell some of the best men’s hair products available, as well as skin products just for guys.
    Get all you need in one place, including:

    • Gels
    • Shampoos
    • Shaving Oils
    • Hair & Skin Products

    Contact us for a relaxing experience including men’s haircuts and shaving services.

    We Accept:
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